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Obviously, this is NOT the official position of the USBE Board, but I just wanted to […]
First, I want to say, Thank You! Thank you for fighting for your children, for writing […]
The University of Brussels used to have the Latin version of “Truth Conquers Darkness” (veritas vincere […]
The Utah Education and Mental Health Coordinating Council went spectacularly off the rails Wednesday, June 8. […]
The county-wide “mask” mandate issued by the Salt Lake County Health Department Friday, January 7, is […]
Big win for parents! Granite School District’s Canvas settings no longer allow the selection of pronouns […]
Why is Granite School District breaking the law? And how in the world are they getting […]
Standardized testing claims to be able to measure a student’s academic skills and even intelligence… Pretty […]
At the December Utah State Board of Education meeting, Member Carol Lear took Christmas spirit to […]
When I first viewed this video, a line from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol came to […]