Learn how the public school System is out of control

How has the school system become a cultural tsunami?

Read more to understand the depth of the issues our children are facing


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Who gets to tell you how to think?

Read about HB 348 & how your student's rights of conscience are secured

Rights of conscience & religious belief

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What does "school choice" really mean?

Read to learn how school choice is not pro-freedom or pro-family

the case against school choice

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How is the education system affecting our families?

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It's time to help families get to higher ground

Families are being overcome by a social change agenda as strong and relentless as a tsunami. 

We look to the right and the left for rescue, when we should be looking up.

Families will need extraordinary courage to weather the waves of social change. 

By forecasting the education trends on the horizon and sharing the knowledge & resources families will need to secure HIGHER GROUND, we hope to make the moral argument that now is the time to protect children from being swept away by ideologies that strike with lots of force and little warning. 

safety can be found, but not if Truth or liberty are sacrificed in its pursuit

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