Public education has become a nightmare that many are refusing to wake from.
Parents need to know that Portrait of a Graduate is a national program created by an […]
Why is the state paying millions of dollars to get books into the hands of students who already have access to them?
There is so much more to the “school choice” movement than meets the eye.  The marriage […]
I received an email from my child’s school yesterday that had me gritting my teeth. It […]
woman in striped long sleeve shirt holding a book
Obviously, this is NOT the official position of the USBE Board, but I just wanted to […]
First, I want to say, Thank You! Thank you for fighting for your children, for writing […]
The University of Brussels used to have the Latin version of “Truth Conquers Darkness” (veritas vincere […]
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Tomorrow, June 30, the Utah State Board of Education will debate this issue: What is the […]
The Utah Education and Mental Health Coordinating Council went spectacularly off the rails Wednesday, June 8. […]