School Choice: The Birth of a Bad Idea

There is so much more to the “school choice” movement than meets the eye. 

The marriage of public and private education will birth a system of total control—controlled by everyone but the parents or students. This new system will teach only what the State and its fascist public-private partnerships dictate to move forward their agenda of complete global dominance. 

ExcelinEd, UNESCO, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Chan Zuckerberg, OECD, Big Tech, Big Data, and Big Business—all are behind the false “School Choice” initiative. These are the same people and organizations we can thank for the destruction of public education— the same groups pushing all the woke ideologies (CRT, DEI, SEL, CSE, Gender Ideology, porn in the schools, PCBL, RJ, MTSS, PBIS, RTI, etc., etc.). Even public education is behind it—they just don’t call it school choice, they call it “competency-based education.” 

Malleable is valuable

Competency-based education means shifting away from foundational academic knowledge and practical skills toward demonstration of soft-skills based on attitudes, values, and beliefs that check the boxes of social justice, environmentalism, civic activism, and collectivism.

The marriage of public and private education (via public funding of both) promises ultimate flexibility in learning by removing and replacing the traditional barriers of education, such as “buses, bells, and butts in seats” (Sydnee Dickson, Utah State Superintendent of Education), with the promise of “anytime, anywhere learning.” This new “flexibility,” however, is eerily silent on the lack of freedom students will be given to learn “anything” they want. Earning specific “competencies” will be required, non-negotiable, and pre-selected, not by the student, but by an agent of the state, a school counselor, or AI algorithms to fulfill workforce quota requirements that best match up with each student’s most easily exploitable abilities.

Throughout their literature and over and over again at their national education summits, leaders of public education, private business, philanthropists, and globalists come together to align on this competency-based vision for education. 

In order to make this shift universal in nature, ALL education, be it private, homeschool, charter, public, or parochial, must become one system with one vision. For the sake of “equity” their goal requires the elimination of all “pockets of privilege.” What do these outside parties mean by “pockets of privilege?” They mean our homes, where parents have the freedom to choose what is taught, according to their values and own belief systems. They also mean private schools, where there is direct accountability to parents who write the checks and can vote with their feet. The new system can’t risk having children taught values or beliefs that would contradict or undermine its creation and authority, making the home and family public enemy #1.

NEA and School Choice advocates have converged on a single learner-centered vision dependent on tech to reach every single student
Becky pringle of the National education association teacher’s union
& gisele huff of school choice advocacy group Education Reimagined
Discuss how they overlap on school choice

The very existence of any non-public systems is a barrier to the new system—the 21st Century global workforce training education system—which isn’t designed to function around free thinkers guided by God-given conscience. This new 21st Century system, first and foremost, requires compliant contributors and complicit collaborators who have been trained from a young age to never question what it is they are being trained to do.

This is a system your child can never escape because it is designed to follow them wherever they go—forced, equitable learning, all the time, everywhere and without end until a person’s age or abilities cease to be socially useful. And heads up! This new system in not just for your children, it is for ALL—adults included. This universal, ubiquitous system is achieved through another coupling—the merging of competencies and technology.

Competency earning and lifelong, tech-based learning go hand in hand. Competencies are whatever attitudes, values, and beliefs the state deems necessary for a person to fit into the centralized economic systems and humanist ethos of a global, 21st Century workforce. Learning must be tech-based, because it’s the only method that guarantees the creation of and access to data on your children, “anytime, anywhere.” Moreover, tech-based systems can guarantee that the learning delivered is done so with “fidelity,” meaning that outcomes shall align with the state’s values, not the family’s values. And learning must be lifelong, because a person’s participation in this infinity loop of competency indoctrination and extraction will be too profitable to allow to prematurely expire—in the new system, malleable is valuable.

anytime, anywhere, just not anything!

Spending billions on “Bridging the Digital Divide” in the last few years has been key in preparing for the wedding of public and private education. “Educational Equity” insists that all students be given “equal access to a quality education” which really means that all students, whether they want it or not, must use their own government-issued digital “learning” devices. These same devices that promise easy access to a “quality education” also give countless strangers easy access to your child, his or her personal information, and data to be used for their own agendas. A more honest name for “Educational Equity” would be “Equally Exploitable” opportunities to cash in on kids. It is a virtual goldmine (and data mine) for ed-tech companies, social impact investors, research companies, social engineers, and government actors. It also makes your child accessible anytime, anywhere for social, emotional, sexual, and political grooming.

To ensure we go along with this draconian social change plan, public-private partnerships are making competencies the currency of the future. If you haven’t done your required “learning” then you’ll have no earnings with which to function in society. In their words, not mine: “learning is earning and earning is learning.” “Fixed time and flexible learning” systems (traditional schooling) are simply being replaced with “flexible time and fixed learning.” And in a fixed learning system, there is no real “school choice” for students. Either way, government is still funding a system, despite its claim that it is funding students, not systems.”  

If we fall for this thinly veiled trap of “anytime, anywhere” learning, we will never return to a separation of home and state. Government, in seeking accountability for the funds it gives to parents, can put any parameters it wants on those funds without check. Government and its partners will use tech to track accountability for spending AND accountability for learning,” and can redefine and extend the scope of student workloads at will, since networked tech turns education into learning no longer bound by scheduled time or physical space. Graduation will lose its traditional significance, since leaving the system will no longer be possible—there will always be more to do, more competencies to complete. Education becomes nothing more than a lifelong continuum of achievements to “unlock,” much like a video game without defined conditions for winning.


By taking government funds, parents will be effectively agreeing to the terms of this new social contract, in which they will cede any personal privacy or protections they’ve tried to create for their children. Instead of parents getting a seat at the education table and having a meaningful say in decisions for their child, it will be the school sitting at the parents’ kitchen table and dictating decisions for children and their families.

How will the state and its partners break and enter into your home? They don’t have to when you willingly open the door to school choice programs, whose operations depend on surveillance technology that has no respect for the four-walled boundaries of your family’s personal space.

The push for “school choice” is the globalization of education via technology, and sells our children into digital slavery. If the gut instincts of parents to protect, provide, and nurture their children kicks in after the money has already been accepted, no worries! The new system, with its checks on parental interference, will kick back to put parents in their place. Those checks include the carrot of conditioned dependency on government education subsidies and the stick of public-private control over education and workforce opportunities

Despite using words like “personalized” and “flexible” learning, sadly, the globalist version of freedom and flexibility is whatever your child’s 10×10 digital prison of competency-earning allows. Add to this prison the digital ball and chain of indoctrination and continuous surveillance. Lifelong learning will function like the re-education camps we’ve been dreading—just in digital form.

The data surveillance on our children is essentially a quality control measure to ensure the end-product (your child) comes out without “defects,” meaning fixed mindsets that reflect their parents’ values. If defects are detected, then interventions are implemented in the form of Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS). Your child’s response to these tiered interventions (RTI) will continue until the data shows that the child demonstrates a growth mindset, or one that aligns with the state’s knowledge, skills, and dispositions, aka competencies. Your student’s alignment to state-required outcomes and dispositions is necessary to guarantee a Return on Investment (ROI) for those who profit off School Choice systems. 

This is stakeholder capitalism at its worst. How well your children assimilate determines the stakeholders’ Return on Investment. The assimilation is not complete until your children are surrounded on every side by a system that they cannot quit without risking economic or social repercussions. 
Competencies will be the equivalent of having the proper “papers” to participate in society. It is a “pay to play” model in which competencies are the non-negotiable currency.


The new public-private School Choice system with its tech-tracked competencies, once born, will be here to stay. People who receive subsidies will never voluntarily relinquish what they have been conditioned to think they deserve. The new system is designed to be “implemented with fidelity,” so that it encompasses a child’s life from preschool into the workforce (P-20W). It is intended to result in predictable, controllable, planned outcomes for childreneconomicallyemotionally, cognitively, and socially. This irreversible reprogramming of your child, the deconstruction of your family’s relationships within the home, and the utilitarian redefining of your family’s roles and responsibilities within society will be the crowning achievement of these global social engineers in this 21st century redesign of education. Jeb Bush said at the latest ExcelinEd conference that, in this new system, “failure is not an option!” Behind closed doors in a private meeting with policymakers, Bush left this little gem ringing in our ears: “Even if it is bad policy—who cares!”