Social Emotional Learning

How much personal info about your kids should outsiders have access to?

Forcing children to continually expose and question their values, beliefs, and dispositions makes them overly self-conscious and vulnerable to emotional manipulation and experimentation at the expense of their academic instruction, violating their rights of conscience and family privacy.

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As part of participation in the Education to Career Pathways project, you and your team agree to:

1. Commit to SEL and workforce readiness;
2. Engage in an initial planning meeting with CASEL staff to finalize the scope of
work, intended outcomes, and timeline;
3. Build on current SEL and workforce readiness policies at the state level to more
intentionally embed SEL across the developmental spectrum;
4. Participate in national in-person and virtual meetings with the state partners;
5. Join periodic check-in calls over the course of the period of performance
(January 2020 – December 2020, with possible extension into 2021); and
6. Bring together business leaders, state leaders, and institutions of higher
education to further develop and refine workforce readiness and education
policies and practices that embed SEL.

Congratulations on being a member of the CSI SEL and Workforce Pathways Project. We are very excited about the plan that the Utah team expressed, and we look forward to partnering with your state to support you in the important work proposed.

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