Who is Natalie & Why Was She Investigated by the Utah State Board of Education?

As some of the public may already know, elected Utah State Board Member (District 9) Natalie Cline is known for speaking out against the social change agendas being pushed on children through the public school system. 

Her platform draws attention from all sides of the political spectrum. Her detractors frequently complain to the USBE in the hopes of silencing Cline, which brings us to July 2023.  In July, State Board leadership, consisting of James Moss, Molly Hart, and Jennie Earl, opened an investigation of Cline based on complaints from the public and other board members who oppose Cline’s views—specifically, the complaints centered on her recent social media posts and alleged comments made at a Higher Ground presentation.

The Board’s own Internal Audit department’s preliminary analysis of the allegations showed no evidence of wrongdoing on Natalie’s part, but that didn’t stop the Board leadership from determining that there was still “merit” to the allegations, leading to leadership issuing a press release on July 13 that insinuated that Natalie had engaged in “harassment and discrimination” and characterized her words as “inflammatory, divisive, and unfair,” and then continued to investigate her in the hopes that some dirt would be dug up.


On July 18, 2023, Natalie Cline responded to the USBE’s press release and investigations of her social media and public statements with the following press release, which revealed some of the contents of the Board’s Internal Audit’s analyses of Cline’s investigation.

Cline pointed out that the audit found no wrongdoing and yet she continued to remain under investigation by Board leadership. 

Click the image for the PDF
Click the image for the PDF

On August 8, 2023, the Utah State Board of Education issued a press release, which admits the board’s investigations had no basis. The board does not apologize or take responsibility otherwise for the initial defamatory press release of July 13, which addressed details of the confidential investigation.

Click the image for the PDF,

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