Advocates in Utah have made incremental progress in advancing sex education requirements across the state over the past four years. In 2016, legislators successfully passed Senate Bill 196, sponsored by Senator Stuart Adams, which removed sex education requirements that prohibited instructors from discussing homosexuality in a positive manner.The legislation was passed as settlement to avoid court proceedings after Equality Utah sued the state’s school board and three school districts, asking a federal judge to strike down the discriminatory measure.In 2018, legislators passed House Bill 286, sponsored by Representative Justin Fawson, which requires sex education curriculum to include instruction on refusal skills and the harmful effects of pornography.

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The State of Sex Ed in Utah


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This Pornography Literacy video was made available on Granite School District’s website under tech resources for students.

In this video, the presenter frames “pornography literacy” instruction in schools as simply a way to keep students safe, and discusses how she’s received requests for her training from Utah.