Public education has become a nightmare that many are refusing to wake from.
I received an email from my child’s school yesterday that had me gritting my teeth. It […]
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Tomorrow, June 30, the Utah State Board of Education will debate this issue: What is the […]
When people use the word “equity” it’s because they want whatever they’re associating it with to […]
The nationwide spotlight on illicit and explicit materials in our kids’ schools has been shining on […]
Natalie Cline is on to something in her plea for simplicity. Her presentation, entitled “The Simple […]
Critical Race Theory is the Schrodinger’s cat of public education–it’s both taught and yet somehow not […]
The SJR 6 Joint Resolution Promoting the 3rs Framework of Rights, Responsibility, and Respect in Classrooms, if you […]
HB 337 supposedly tries to create a way for parents to be heard through an Education Ombudsman — […]
Some Utahns continue to claim that HB331, the Hope Scholarship Program bill, has sufficient protections against […]